BLP (Building Learning Power)

At Lansdowne Primary School, we promote independent learning, allowing children to develop as life-long learners. Using BLP, we are empowering children to consider how they learn best by providing them with a range of strategies

Since the beginning of this academic year, we have introduced Guy Claxton’s BUILDING LEARNING POWER into our curriculum. Building Learning Power consists of four learning muscles: RESILIENCE, RECIPROCITY, REFLECTIVENESS and RESOURCEFULLNESS.


 To begin with, we will be focusing on resilience and exploring the various strands: managing distractions, perseverance, absorption and noticing, teaching children strategies to use to help them become better learners. During each lesson taught at Lansdowne, one of these strands of learning will be developed in addition to the skills and knowledge of the subject being taught.

Each class has their own learning hero, someone who is an inspiration or of interest to the children. This allows them to identify with this learning hero and see how they have used their learning muscles to overcome any difficulties faced. This is followed by assemblies in which the children are nominated for displaying these learning depositions.



Here are some statements the children have made about how resilience has helped them with their learning:

‘It has helped my learning as I can now manage my distractions and stay focused.’

‘My learning has improved because I try until I succeed’

‘It has helped me overcome challenges because I don’t give up’

‘I now persevere with my learning’ 

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Here is a link for the BLP website: